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Ammonia Expertise Center (English)
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Ammonia Expertise Center (English)

Ammonia knowledge partner for businesses, government, and mainport

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Whether as a carrier of green hydrogen or as a primary fuel, ammonia offers our society plenty of opportunities to accelerate the energy transition and make it cost-effective. But incorporating ammonia into business processes, infrastructure, and the environment does come with new questions and challenges. It is good to know that Antea Group’s Ammonia Expertise Center can take plans and ideas further.

Ammonia: full of promise for the energy transition

Here at Antea Group, we see ammonia becoming an ever-more crucial link in the energy transition. For instance, ammonia is by far the best option to serve as a carrier for hydrogen, including green hydrogen. It makes it possible to import and transport hydrogen over long distances. In addition, ammonia can act as a primary fuel: for business processes and, in the future, even for shipping as well as rail and road traffic.  

Ammonia: safety and risk management

It is no coincidence that more and more plans are emerging for the development of plants, terminals, and infrastructure focused on ammonia. All of these initiatives require specialist expertise in such areas as safety, permits, planning and health, because ammonia does require proper risk and safety management.

Expertise on ammonia from every standpoint

Whether you are involved in ammonia-related developments from the standpoint of a business, a port authority, or the government, Antea Group’s Ammonia Expertise Center can support you with its knowledge of laws and regulations, as well as expertise in safety, permits and planning. Based on that broad perspective, we can assist you with any ammonia-related matter, whether you have plans to develop an ammonia terminal or to build underground infrastructure, for instance, or if you want to know more about ammonia in relation to the living environment. Here are some examples:

  • Development of business cases
  • Advice on the best techniques and safety measures
  • Safety studies and safety plans
  • Permit processes
  • HSE management at sites where ammonia is used
  • Advice on spatial integration and on environmental and health issues.
Ammonia knowledge partner for businesses, government, and mainport
Ammonia knowledge partner for businesses, government, and mainport

Ammonia: exploring new ideas

We expect ammonia to become more and more widely used. This raises new questions. What does it mean if cruise ships start using ammonia as a primary fuel? Can ammonia be transported safely through underground piping systems? How can ammonia be appropriately transported by rail? As a multidisciplinary consultancy firm, we can bring the right knowledge (on everything from soil, infrastructure, and the environment to planning) to the table for every question and make ideas possible.

International knowledge about ammonia close to home

At our Expertise Center, you will find advisers and specialists who have gained plenty of knowledge of, and experience with, ammonia. For instance, we are the HSE manager and in-house consultant for the only ammonia terminal in the Netherlands so far. And through our international Inogen network, we are involved in ammonia-related issues in the United States, Jordan, Morocco and South America. Antea Group is participating in the update of the PGS 12 Guideline for the safe storage and shipping of ammonia. The latest developments can be followed via We are also member of the Ammonia Energy Association, where we share and as well gain knowledge. 

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