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Technical Due Diligence (English)
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Technical Due Diligence (English)

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Technical Due Dilligence (English)

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If you are considering investing in Dutch logistics real estate, you naturally want to invest responsibly in a building that meets your needs and wishes and that will not spring any “surprises” on you after you’ve bought it. In Antea Group you have a partner who knows the local market, a partner who can provide insight into all the technical aspects and risks and who is fully transaction-focused in the advice it provides during the purchase process.

Technical due diligence: professional and transaction-focused

Purchasing real estate is like working in a pressure cooker: so much needs to be researched and discussed in a short space of time. In such cases, it is nice to have a local partner who is both technically competent and transaction-focused in its approach, a party who responds quickly and agilely and assists you with the right information when it really matters. A partner who is rightfully very confident and who has a feel for the “negotiation game”. With this mindset we have contributed to successful purchasing processes in recent years.

Technical due diligence for logistics real estate

Antea Group has built up an extensive portfolio of services centered on the purchase of real estate for the logistics market in the Netherlands. We have been involved in the development of logistics real estate for twenty years now, so logistics facilities hold no secrets for us. We know which architectural and installation-technical aspects are important, and we have in-depth understanding of the national and local laws and regulations that concern logistics real estate.

All technical knowledge under one roof

Is the real estate I’m buying good? Which points need attention? How does this affect the purchase price? For these questions and more, from construction to installations and systems, when you partner with Antea Group you acquire all the technical knowledge you need to get full insight into the condition of the building you plan to acquire. With us you will find the best fire safety advisers, installation technicians and design engineers in the Netherlands, as well as specialists in the field of building engineering physics, energy and the environment. With this team we can assess any property, building or structure, no matter how complex.

Technical Due Dilligence (English)

With Antea Group we have one competent point of contact through whom we arrange all construction-related matters during the purchase process.


Technical due diligence: before and after the purchase

We support you not only at every stage of the purchase process, but also after the contracts have been signed.

  • Condition measurements and complete recording of property/buildings/structures
  • Risk analysis and preparation of a Red Flag Report
  • Advice on the purchase of real estate
  • Supervision of repairs
  • Supervision of new construction, participation in building meetings
  • Delivery inspections

If you are looking for a partner who can support you in your purchasing processes in other European countries, Antea Group has offices in Spain, Belgium, France and Poland. And thanks to our Inogen network, we have access to all the necessary local knowledge.

Looking carefully and looking further

A good due diligence investigation considers all risks, large and small. It’s a matter of looking carefully, but also of looking further; after all, there are always risks that are less obvious. Are the systems and soil protection measures up to the latest standards? Do the lightning, fire and installment protection measures comply with the laws and regulations? With Antea Group you have a partner who has the knowledge to bring hidden risks to light and write these up clearly in a Red Flag Report.

Technical due diligence for new-build projects

If you are planning to invest in a new building, you will want to know in advance what you are investing in and what you can expect on delivery. We provide experienced building experts to perform this assessment. Based on specifications and drawings, we examine the quality of a building in relation to what you will need in the future. You can make use of our critical expertise in construction supervision and delivery inspection. We also participate in construction meetings, as an independent body and always with the aim of getting the best result together.

Our track record

In recent years we have been involved in the purchase of logistics and other real estate for several parties. An example is HANSAINVEST Real Assets: at the end of 2019 we acquired a logistics real estate portfolio for this investment party, with an investment volume of 240 million euros. We also conduct technical due diligence in the Netherlands for globally operating distribution groups.

Are you looking for a dedicated partner for the purchase of real estate in the Netherlands?

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